Faction: Empire
Guild Leader: Katsuko
Type: PvE
Play Style: 8-Man Hard and Nightmare Operations
Aggressive Negotiations is a pre-launch guild that has been playing in MMO's since EverQuest, and have since participated in endgame raiding in several MMO's, our most recent being World of Warcraft. Our core values are simple, no drama, maximum fun! We live by the motto "More, with less" And have been successfully completing end-game content with our raid schedule that is well suited to those working adults with family responsibilities.</span>

Aggressive-Negotiations Website

Aggressive Negotiations is currently seeking a Healer , DPS, and Tank to continue our success in end game operations. We currently have all HM's on farm and are awaiting NightMare modes in 2.2


Terror from Beyond (8-man Hard Mode) [Complete]

Terror from Beyond (8-man Nightmare Mode) [No Progress]

Scum and Villany (8-man Hard Mode) [Complete]

Our raid times are Mon-Thurs from 9-11 CST. Our loot system further reflects the values of the guild, we don't go by points or any payout system, your very presence is key to our success and therefore we invest in all of those in the raid so we become stronger. We have a transparent loot list based around the difficulty of the content and strive to keep everyone balanced in power so we advance together as a guild.


Feel free to stop by and watch our progression.