Biochem Master Crafters


- Hazmat Bulwark's MK-3 Implant (Str/End/Shield/Absorb) (2)(14)(12)(10)(6)

  • Saleena

- Hazmat Med-tech's MK-2 System (Aim/Surge/Power) (2)(14)(12)(10)(6)

  • Lubbers

- Hazmat Pummeler's MK-3 Package (Str/Crit/Surge) (2)(14)(12)(10)(6)

  • Saleena

- Hazmat Targeter's MK-3 Enhancer (Cunn/Acc/Power) (2)(14)(12)(10)(6)

  • Saleena

-Blackhole Menders Mk-1 System (Cunn/Power/Alacrity )(2)(12)(10)(8)(4)

  • Dunta

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