Carnage Gaming Symbol

Carnage Gaming is a "Casually Hardcore" raiding guild and was founded by dedicated mature raiders with the determination to conquer all end game content. Our guild consists of seasoned raiders who work well together and enjoy challenges.

We welcome new people with a good sense of humor who are looking to enjoy a progression based environment.

Carnage Gaming currently covers many popular online games: SW:TOR (The Shadowlands - Republic), WoW (Illidan), TESO and D3 (US-East).


Current progression:

16 Man-

EC - Nightmare 4/4 (Server first Tanks, Server first Vorgath, Server first Kephess)

TFB - Hardmode 5/5 (Server first TWH, Server second TFB)

EC - Hardmode 4/4 (Server first, Krayt Dragon)

World first DreadTooth 10 stack kill

World first Dread Entity kill


Carnage Gaming has a strong PVP Contingent that now regularly runs Ranked Matches.

The PVP officers are Fearce and Jemashi.


To apply to the guild, please visit our website at - click on the SWTOR tab up top and click apply to guild.

You can also whisper Nibbin (Foany/Mazrim'Taim) or Fuzzy in game - so that they can also direct you to our website: