Knights of the Lost Order
Faction: Republic
Guild Leader: Torean
Abbreviation: KotLO
Type: PvE
Play Style: Casual

About usEdit

We're a social, casual and friendly guild that loves to run operations. We tend to raid frequently and are always looking for new members to come join us.

Guild LeadershipEdit

Guild Leader: Torean

Engineers: Aaylan, Sivir

Jedi Commanders: Carax, Hexamus

Scout: Tailsneverfails, Behold

Raid ProgressionEdit


Eternity Vault 5/5 5/5 5/5
Karagga's Palace 5/5 5/5 5/5
Explosive Conflict 4/4 4/4 0/4*
Terror from Beyond 5/5 2/5
*Haven't attempted operation difficulty

We mostly run 8 man ops. Progression raids (HM EC/TFB) are run Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 7pm EST. We do some sort of raid/event almost everyday.

We do also run the occasional 16 man operations, Saturday evenings usually around 9pm EST.


Our Ally guilds

The Enclave Legacy

V Squad


We're always looking for new members to join our guild. All classes and levels are welcome to join us. We'd love to get more raid ready members to expand our current schedule to run more 16 man as well as forming another progression raid group. If interested, please check out our website or contact any of the officers in game, and we'll be happy to discuss membership with you.

There are a few requirements we have, before you join KotLO, they are as follows:

  • We require our members to have some sort of headset/mic for operations, as we use a TS3 server for voice chat.
  • We have a STRICT no drama policy, please be respectful to members at all times. While we enjoy having fun and the occasional picking, if it becomes an issue it must stop immediately, or guild officers may be required to take immediate action.
  • Respect the chain of command.
  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!