Light of the Phoenix
Faction: Republic
Guild Leader: Zalch
Abbreviation: LotP
Type: PvE
Play Style: Casual

Hello and welcome to the Light of the Phoenix page.


Light of the Phoenix was originally from The Razor and was moved to The Shadowlands in the first server merger. We pride ourselves in providing a mature and drama free environment in which to enjoy the game. We have our own Mumble server for our members and guests to use. Our doors are always open to respectful and mature gamers looking for a guild. Please contact one of the officers for more information.


Guild Leader Zalch
Guild Officers Xiij
Guild Lieutenants Delux, K'illian, Jak'bauer

Raid ProgressionEdit

Currently we only participate in 8 man ops.

Raid SM HM NiM
Eternity Vault 5/5 5/5 5/5
Karagga's Palace 5/5 5/5 5/5
Explosive Conflict 4/4 4/4 0/4
Terror from Beyond 5/5 5/5


Light of the Phoenix is always recruiting members. Please contact any of our officers for more information. If no officer is online please feel free to contact any member who can then forward on the message or send an in-game mail to Xiij or Jak'bauer.

Currently we are also in the process of rebuilding / restructuring our second ops group. The leader of ops 2 (Jak'bauer) should be contacted for any information in regards to ops 2 needs.