Welcome to the Shadowlands WikiEdit

Hello and welcome to the Shadowlands Wiki.  Here we will set up all our information to have it readily available to anyone on the server.  This way we can learn about other guilds we might see, look up crafters, or even check out how well our server is doing in the Ops progression area.  This place is for information purposes only, so please treat it with respect and behave appropriately.  Enjoy!

What you will find hereEdit

  • Guild information and recruitment pages (Republic/Empire)
  • A list of Master Crafters that can help you with all your crafting needs
  • Strategy guides that have worked for others on the server
  • Links to live streams put up by various guilds
  • OP's progression threads

Have other ideas to put on here?  Throw out some ideas and we will try to work together to make it happen! Post them in the talk section.

Latest activityEdit

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