See You iN Hell
Faction: Republic
Guild Leader: Caden
Abbreviation: SYNH

The guild that was started on a beach on Naboo is back and ready for action. We will be ready to give the empire an ass beating so bad that the wars in Restuss will look like childs play. Lock and load it is time to kick some ass. See You iN Hell is a friendly, helpful guild always looking for new talent. We operate mainly on Ventrilo to orginize our Ops and PvP events. SYNH is more of a group of friends than just people you play online with. We hope that these friendships will last for many years and be the best we can be on our server.

Op's ProgressionEdit

EV 5/5 5/5 5/5
KP 5/5 5/5 5/5
EC 4/4 4/4
EC-16 1/4
TFB 5/5 2/5
TFB-16 5/5


Guild Leader Caden
Officers Decrisit, Motorhead, Soulredeemer