The Sith Inquisition
Faction: Empire
Guild Leader: GM: Bornsniper

Officers: Slygar, Rein, Apollyon, Beefusan, Phaela, Billyray

Type: PvE
Play Style: 8-Man Hard and Nightmare Ops
The Sith Inquisition is primarily a PvE guild that focuses on hard and nightmare mode operations. The main raid focuses on progression on the highest tier of current content, but at a much less intense level than hardcore PvE guilds. There are several impromptu alt raids that raid any level of content desired at the time.

The Sith Inquisition Website


Terror from Beyond (8-man Hard Mode)

  • On Farm

Scum and Villany (8-man Hard Mode)

  • 6 of 7


Disclaimer: The guild has no rules as to what can be said in guild. The guild has a very adolescent sense of humor. Those that are offended easily or those that react poorly when offended shouldn't apply. Drama is allowed as long as it doesn't interfere with guild activities.

General Recruitment

The guild is always looking for fun people to play with. While it is unlikely that a recruit would run in the progression raids without being promoted, there are still plenty of things to do. Most members are up for running random operations and flashpoints, killing world bosses, rolling alts, doing dailies, chatting in mumble, ect. The guilds has several players that are not interested in hard mode operations. We just want people who are fun to be around.

Progression Recruitment

The standards for a progression player are much higher than that of a general guild member. We are willing to gear and teach recruits how to play their character. Recruits must not be offended when we suggest different choices of specialization, rotation, or gear.

Progression Raiders are expected to:

  • Know their class (Optimal rotations, optimal specializations, ect.)
  • Sign up for ops on the guild website indicating whether they can attend
  • Be prepared with consumables, repair money, gear, ect.
  • Use Mumble with the operation group
  • Use a parser if the raid leader calls for the use of one
  • Have raid awareness
  • Point out their mistakes or the mistakes of others (without malice)
  • Contribute ideas to strategies being developed during progression

Current raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday at 7:30 EST to 10:30 EST.